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Help us Beautify the LCS Campus

Updated: Jun 24

The new administration and school committee at Limestone Community School are committed to revitalizing the inside and outside of our great school. With that, we are starting two new initiatives to revitalize the outside of our school campus.

The first initiative/project is a Tree Memorial. We will be planting trees around the school in memory of school personnel and Limestone area residents. Each tree will be planted in a public area on the property and have a plaque or plate for whom the tree was planted for.

The second initiative/project is to create and maintain flower gardens around the school. Just like the the memorial trees, each garden will have a plaque or plate which will state the organization or family responsible for the flower garden. With the flower gardens, we are looking for some of our community members with green thumbs to volunteer to help us create and maintain these flower gardens.

For more information on volunteering or having a tree or garden in memory of a family member, please call the school office at 325-4700.

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